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Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court (RoP)

Rule 379

Examination and decision

  1. The Registry shall examine the formal admissibility of the application for legal aid.
  2. If the requirements referred to in Rule 378 have not been met, the applicant shall, as soon as practicable, be invited to correct the deficiencies within 14 days.

  3. If the requirements referred to in Rule 378 have been met, the decision on such application shall be taken, by way of order, by the judge-rapporteur or, where the application is lodged before the action has been brought, by the standing judge.

  4. Before making a decision on an application for legal aid, the Court shall invite the other party to submit written observations unless it is already apparent from the information submitted that the conditions referred to in Rule 377 are not met.
  5. An order refusing legal aid shall state the reasons on which it is based.
  6. An order granting legal aid may provide for:

    (a) an exemption, wholly or partly, from Court fees;
    (b) an interim amount to be paid to enable the applicant and/or the representative of the applicant to meet any request of the judge-rapporteur or single judge prior to making a final order
    (c) an amount to be paid to the representative of the applicant or a limit which the representative’s disbursements and fees may not exceed;
    (d) a contribution to be made by the applicant to the costs referred to in Rule 376.1(c).

  7. Where the legal aid covers, in whole or in part, the costs of legal assistance and representation the order granting legal aid shall designate the representative of the applicant
  8. On a request by the designated representative, the Court may order that an amount shall be paid by way of advance
  9. Where requested by the applicant in accordance with Rule 378.2(g), the Court shall decide on the suspension of any time limit.


Status: 15th draft of 31st May 2013