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Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court (RoP)

Rule 371

Time periods for paying court fees

  1. The fixed fees [(Rules 5, 15.1, 26, 47, 53, 68, 132, 192.5, 206.4, 207.3, 228)] shall be paid at the time of lodging the relevant pleading or application. The payment shall be made to one of the bank accounts indicated by the Court and it shall indicate the paying party or its representative together with the number of the patent (or patents) involved.

  2. Proof of payment shall be provided together with the relevant pleading or application.
  3. In cases of urgency, where a payment in advance is not possible, the representative of the party in question shall pay the fixed fee within the period set by the Court and the Court may order that the relevant pleading or application shall be deemed lodged and effective when received by the Registry if payment of the fixed fee is made within such period..
  4. The value-based fee shall be paid within 10 working days of service of the order determining the value of the dispute in accordance with the Rules 22, 31, 57, 58, 69, 104(i) and 133.

  5. Where an Application for legal aid has been lodged in accordance with Rule 377, the rules on the obligation as to the time when to pay the fixed fees under Rule 371.1 shall not apply.


Relation with Agreement: Article 70

Status: 15th draft of 31st May 2013